New York after two weeks

Great musicians everywhere but the most lovely powerful music I’ve heard happens in subways. Bucket drummers and soulful singers! Wow! I have been in couple of Jazzclubs. I was jamming with Seleno Clarke (George Benson produced his cd) and many more. I am inspired. My New York Symphony is influenced by the thin line between rich and poor people. Yesterday I was with Lydia Liebman (PR/daughter of famous saxophonist Dave Liebman) at the memorial celebration of Mark Murphy. It went 3 hours and there were many speachs about him and his life. Great singer Kurt Elling and 92 years old lady Sheila Jordan were performing among others. Today I will have my first indian music class with Samir Chatterjee and afterwards I live my dream to see and listen to Billy Joel! At the moment a lot of people dying! Cancer and other sickness. I pray for all love, peace and music. Time is not payable and movable! For all the time, I may spend here and meet new people, thank you!

Greetings from the big apple