Nicole Johänntgen SOLO II – Gotthard Momentum


NEW ALBUM OUT June 17, 2022

Nicole Johänntgen’s saxophone solo on Gotthard Pass, Switzerland.
Composition: Gotthard Momentum by Nicole Johänntgen

Gotthard Momentum is a composition from the new album SOLO II by Nicole Johänntgen. You can order your CD on

Enjoy the saxophone solo of Nicole Johänntgen and listen to jazz music. The Swiss-based saxophonist chose the Cappella di San Gottardo for her second solo recording and enchants the church with saxophone music.

Each phrase of this music feels like a breath. Even though Nicole Johänntgen’s saxophone solo becomes more and more differentiated, here the pulse of calm is maintained at every moment. Tightly timed dimensions of time are overcome, for there are – literally – higher dimensions at play.

The chapel is located at an altitude of 2106 meters on the crest of the famous alpine pass road – on the Gotthard Pass. Radical deceleration. Depth and inner peace. Driven and filled by the energy of the Gotthard Pass, each phrase takes on weight and meaning in the breathing flow of playing. Always new and differently colored. Like a natural scenario. The hectic experience of time remains in the valley, just as it is experienced by a hiker who climbs the mountains hour after hour. The chapel is tiny, but with an acoustic full of reverberation that itself becomes a musical instrument.

Nicole Johänntgen has imbibed music from an early age, runs several regular bands and is currently relentlessly touring live again. Her solo project is an elevated endeavor that began with her first solo record in 2019 and strives for perfection and to storm a peak with the second edition. Solo II came together on a light-filled morning. “When I stepped out of the chapel into the glistening midday sun after an hour and a half of concentrated playing, I felt incredibly light.”

Nicole Johänntgen plays internationally at festivals and jazz clubs, gives workshops, is involved with young talent and has received several awards.

Performed and recorded by Nicole Johänntgen at Capella di San Gottardo in Switzerland on August 11, 2021. Mixed and mastered by Jon Hansen. Videoclip by Spinosi Video.