SOFIA in concert

Zürich, Switzerland JazzBaragge Wednesday Jam

JazzBaragge Wednesday Jam @ Moods

Wednesday @ 8:30 PM

Venue Details

, Jazzclub Moods , Schiffbaustrasse 6, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

SOFIA Support Of Female Improvising Artists

SOFIA (Support Of Female Improvising Artists) takes up an idea of the American sponsorship program Sisters in Jazz, which was set up for the further musical education of female jazz musicians, but adds an important component to it: In addition to the artistic profiling of young female musicians, the aim is to promote their networking and self-marketing. With this orientation SOFIA reacts to the specific demands that are currently placed on young improvising musicians and sees itself as part of a newly awakened trend towards the more targeted promotion of young musicians (e. g. Take Five Europe). Due to its independent orientation, SOFIA positions itself as a pioneer project in the international context.

Six carefully selected musicians will be attending workshops on topics such as booking, PR, accounting, old-age provision and more for four days.


SOFIA sees itself as a sustainable project for the early support of young musicians. In order to continuously improve the project, a visual documentation (photos, video) of the project is carried out on the one hand, on the basis of which the effectiveness of the individual modules is checked, and on the other hand, an evaluation is carried out which aims to profile possible improvements for the following years.